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Estate Planning Tips For Women

Virtually all people, not just the wealthy ones, have an estate. This estate consists of everything they own, such as their home, vehicles, real estate, life insurance, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, savings accounts, personal

Picking the Right Auto Insurance Coverage

Picking an auto insurance policy is not an easy task, especially with the numerous insurance companies and policy options available to choose from. The task can be even more difficult for new drivers or

Creating Your 2015 Goals

It’s that time again – time to determine my goals and create my 2015 Dream Board. Last year I didn’t create a Dream Board. I’ve been asking myself why for the past 12 months.

Welcome to Money Wise Women Blog

I created the Money Wise Women Blog to educate and empower women to live financially healthy. The Money Wise Women Blog is here to help continue your financial education. It contains education, empowerment, advice and support

More Holiday Shopping Tips

I previously shared holiday shopping saving tips. In this newsletter I’m going to share some more holiday shopping tips. One of my recommendations was purchasing discounted gift cards to use for your holiday shopping.

This Year Make Resolutions That Stick

Leading up to each New Year, it is common for people to establish a long wish list and/or a list of resolutions. The problem is that neither is typically tied to a plan of

Want to change your gifting ritual? Propose changes at Thanksgiving

Every year I write about creating a holiday spending plan. And it IS a good subject. The bottom line is that if you create a plan- list out who you are going to gift,

You can have anything you want…

Often, when clients come to see me, they are afraid I will tell them they can’t afford to have something they really want. They fear that they won’t be able to take that vacation

More Holiday Shopping Saving Tips

Last week I shared lots of tips for saving money on your holiday gift shopping. Since then I’ve discovered several more tips and websites to help you save money. Rather Be Shopping — helps

Holiday Shopping Saving Tips

I know you don’t want to hear this, but Christmas is less than 75 days away. It will be here in a blink of any eye. Right now is a great time to sit