More Holiday Shopping Saving Tips

Last week I shared lots of tips for saving money on your holiday gift shopping. Since then I’ve discovered several more tips and websites to help you save money. Rather Be Shopping — helps

Holiday Shopping Saving Tips

I know you don’t want to hear this, but Christmas is less than 75 days away. It will be here in a blink of any eye. Right now is a great time to sit

Debriefing: Getting To the Bottom of Why Interviews Go South

Interviewing is tough business. A candidate is typically facing a complete stranger and has limited time to develop rapport, assess the environment, assimilate the conversation and interpret body language. Reading an interviewer is also

A Diplomatic Divorce is the Only Way to Go

In an ideal world, all weddings would result in fairytale marriages and happy endings. No one would ever disagree, cheat, grow apart, lie or lose interest, and divorces would never happen. Of course, that

Bye Bye Blackberry

I guess at some point this was inevitable but the day I always feared has finally arrived (excluding Sarah Palin as President of course). Tomorrow my doorbell will ring and Apple will start to

How Short Cuts Can Short Circuit Your Career Plan

Some days, I just shake my head when I watch how people approach their job searches or career planning. After 15 years, I would say I have developed a pretty solid recipe for getting

How online retailers get you to spend, and 5 ways to avoid this

On-line shopping can be VERY hazardous to our wallets, and yet we often only think about its virtues. We think we won’t be tempted to buy other things that catch our eye if we

Five Smart Investments for Newlyweds

Newlyweds are entering their lives with a much different set of experiences than those of a generation before. It’s more common than ever for people to cohabit before marriage now, and people are getting

Failure to Launch: Adult Children Moving Back Home

A recent survey shows that more adult children are returning home to live with their parents. This pattern has emerged in the past (almost always associated with economic downturns) and this time is no

Achieving Your Goals Don’t Always Happen Overnight

What do I have in Common with Human Nature, a group of performers have in common? We both performed in Las Vegas on the same day; We both have long term goals that we’ve