What’s Your Money IQ?

It’s that time of year – high school and college graduations. Young women and men are stepping into a new phase of their lives. Unfortunately, financial education is not a mandatory class in most

Why Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall Doesn’t Work

The internet is seductive. It is so much easier to believe it holds the answers to life’s mysteries, than to imagine what it would be like without it. Granted, it really does hold a

Creating Gloriously Boring Savings (and a Money Ninja trick to pull it off)

We’ve all been told to save money. But for what? For that proverbial rainy day? (It always rains where I live, by the way. Seattle.) Can we ever touch our savings? When? I find

Where Should I Go To Get My Taxes Done?

This is a question I get asked a lot by friends, clients and other entrepreneurs. I have an easy answer for my clients: Mike. I’ve known Mike since my Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC)